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Adhering to the traditional brewing craft had wine,Fused cast military culture,This is our army's starting point and the foothold。Charger liquor production series charger wine wine inherited in the history of the military hero,On the brewing process,Inherited since the tang and song dynasty ShaoChun of chuan,The traditional production process strictly,Constant reform and innovation,Adhere to modern science combined with the traditional process,Made out of soft in just,Weak in thick mellow wine,Formed its own unique style on the palate:Strong technology with smell,Perfectly filled,Each flavor coordination,The palate characteristic...

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    Shandong warhorse wine co., LTD,Production base is located in jinan military region racecourse a branch factory,Near the Yellow River estuary,By local pollution-free planting wheat、Corn、Sorghum、Millet as raw material, etc,For our army wine quality laid a solid material foundation。  

  •  A boss in the eyes of hotel intellectualization

    In today's era of rapid development of science and technology,Intelligent the word in the media,I have engaged in the hotel industry,Over the past few years have sprung up all kinds of intelligent...

  • Military camp fertile ground charger bouquet

    Dongying warhorse wine from jinan military area command forces wineries,Production base is located in the Yellow River delta——Dongying city in shandong province,This is China's second largest oil field——Shengli oilfield stations...

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